Cold Lake

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My first job was working at my father company as a sales representative at the early age I know that I love working in the service industry.  I have been working for the last 23 years of my life and I still love it and still excited to work every day whether I am cleaning the table or washing dishes.

I like meeting people from different walks of life, every story interest me and keep me excited knowing their cultures and belief is one the best knowledge I learned every day.

I am not a meat lover but when I tried Sawmill Prime Rib I can’t stop eating it.

I am very simple person, one thing for sure I like to cook, for me cooking is my stress reliever and if the people love it that is a goal, I am spontaneous but I am also a planner.

While working in this industry, lots of memories have been come and go. But the memories that stayed with me are the staff, the guests, and the food that makes this experienced so uncanny.

The greatest accomplishment for me is always yet to come. I am still young and I think I am just starting my dreams here in Canada.

As a manager we always look for room for improvement of our operation. Rules and policies is there to help us to be on the right tract likewise, commonsense is also important in applying the handbook.

What I love the most is seeing our guests smile because that’s mean we do our job.

My mission statement is if you taking care of your employees then they will take care the rest.

Well, I asked most of my staff and some loyal guests about me they said First I have a  good sense of humor, is a euphemism for clown, Intelligent, well I cannot argue with that and lastly Innovative, just to let you know I didn’t pay them… yet..