Sterling Goodchild | Restaurant Manager

I started off in the hospitality industry when I was 14 years old as a busboy, simply re-setting tables and any side duties such as folding linen. Once I turned 16 I started working on the kitchen line as an expediter, I would get the food ready following the Sawmill standards for the customers.

I did this for 2 years until I was able to serve tables. I spent about two years serving at the south side location on Calgary Trial with a great team and really started to develop a good work ethic. I then decided it would be a good idea to work on the kitchen line to fully understand both sides of the business.

After spending about 9 months in the kitchen, I decided to get back to the Front of House. I have displayed through my personality and experience that a Dining Room Supervisor position is a good fit. I will continue to strive to be better than I was yesterday at becoming the best leader I can. My favourite dish would be the New York cut, with a stuffed potato and the seafood Oscar to top it off!