Cold Lake

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It has been my passion to work in the food industry. I started by taking Hotel and Restaurant Management Course. I have been working for 9 years already.

The thing that I love most while working is making and see the customers smile during and after the service I gave.

My favorite dish in Sawmill is the famous Prim Rib because it is very tasty and tender and very juice as well.

My ultimate hobby is cooking because I am addicted to eating.

The most memorable moment was when the customer gave me a gift certificate from Sawmill way back in 2011. I made their sandwiches everyday basis during that time.

My greatest accomplishment is when you see a customer leaving the restaurant with a big smile.

My greatest achievement was when I decided to leave my country and tried to find my spot in the restaurant industry. I found it without asking somebody’s help.

My personal mission everyday as a server is to put smile in every customer and make them go back

Funny, caring and loyal will be the 3 character traits that my friends will describe me best.