Sara Sunderland | Restaurant Supervisor

My story is similar to many others in that, I started in the service industry when I was putting myself through University. I was fortunate enough to get a job as a lounge server at The Moose Factory even tho I had never served before! I stayed with the company for 2 years until we relocated to the Lloydminster area.

Joining the Lloyd team when they opened in 2015 was a welcome change from being a teacher and stay at home mom of 4, but both those professions, along with my dedication and cheerfulness, have enabled me to be a better server and supervisor.

I have many favorite menu items from crab cakes, to sirloin steaks to our homemade bread pudding, but my all time favorite item is our Sawmill Steak Sauce!!

I am thankful for this opportunity and look forward to continuing my journey with the Sawmill family.