Grande Prairie

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My wife and I started our career in hospitality some 30 years ago with the purchase of a small Fish and Chip restaurant in New Liskeard, Ontario called Acton’s Restaurant. Through the years we evolved to a fine dining restaurant and catering.

I also worked in the wood industry and that’s what ultimately what moved us to western Canada where I played a key role in the start up of an OSB mill in 100 Mile house BC. We spent a year there and then the company asked me to move to Grande Prairie in 1994. Getting back into the hospitality industry we operated a Country night club and lounge for 8 and a half years when we shut down for the construction of the now existing Grande Prairie Sawmill.

I most enjoy the people in our industry, both employees and of course the customers. I guess I have too many memorable customer satisfaction experiences to single one out.

I am a huge golf nut and love the Toronto Maple Leafs (not sure why!!! LOL)

My wife and I have raised 4 wonderful children and now have 8 grandchildren. I believe this to be our greatest achievement and accomplishing all our business success’s while doing so. I am most proud of being married for over 30 years and accomplishing all of this with my wife through all the ups and downs of this wonderful industry.