Cold Lake

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When I was working at Mark’s Pub and eatery under Best Western and after a year, Mark and June, the owner, franchised Sawmill Prime Rib and Steakhouse, so then that was the start why I am here in this industry.

I have been working for 5 years already as a server, bartender, supervisor and became now a FOH Manager.

Meeting people with different cultures and beliefs and to encourage them to try our specialties are the things that I love most in this job.

My favorite dish on Sawmill Menu is the Rib Eye because I love the fats around the lean meat that makes more juicer and tasteful.

My favorite Hockey Team is the Edmonton Oilers. Eversince I really like this team especially this time McDavid will be playing with the Oilers. I love kayaking as my hobby.

Everytime I am working is a memorable moment for me. And every person/guest is influential as well. Everyday is a different encounter and experience. I treasure every moment while I’m working.

My greatest accomplishment is to be able to bought 2 houses and cars while working in this industry.

Organization of work and strategy, as well as table manners are the ideas I have implemented.

The thing that I truly proud of is to be able to give the best and friendly service.

My personal mission statement is to Aim high and hit the mark.

3 character traits that my friends will definitely describe me will be Responsible, Dependable and Organized.