Jay Nallusamy | Executive Chef

I have been working with Sawmill Restaurant Group since August, 2013 as an Executive Chef. I am originally from India, starting my career as a cook when I was 17. I finished Hotel Management in 2004 in India and was provided with seasonal and industrial training while studying. I started my career in culinary arts in the East world and now I am living in Canada.

I have been travelling the last 12 years in this industry. My favorite part of this industry is “Making people HAPPY AND SATISFIED when enjoying great and authentic some cuisine from all over the world.”

Filet mignon is one of the best steaks in the world. It’s a more favorable steak and my personal favorite.

My hobbies include playing cricket, listening music and dancing.

My greatest accomplishment was becoming an Executive Chef which was my dream when I started my career in food industries.

My personal mission statement is “Culinary art plays an important role for Scientist, Doctors and Chefs.  It is very essential for people to live in this world.”