Seeking OUTGOING & ENTHUSIASTIC Talented Individuals to Complement our Hospitality Team!

  • Restaurant & Kitchen Managers
  • Dining Room & Lounge Servers
  • Food Expeditors & Bussers
  • Cooks & Dishwashers
  • Hosts & Hostesses
  • Bartenders

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Available Positions

Full Time, Part-time, Casual

Dining Room & Lounge Servers, Bartenders, Hosts, Bussers, Expediters, Banquet Personnel, Chefs, Cooks & Back of House Staff, Supervisors and Management


Our relaxed, elegant dining rooms feature rich tapestry, warm wood finishes and etched glass. Each beautifully appointed restaurant is designed with several seating options; quiet nooks, private booths and large alcoves. Moveable partitions filled with foliage give flexibility to the floor plan.


From corporate management to front-line servers through the back-of-house support team, we insist that personnel throughout the company are professional, enthusiastic and anxious to provide an extraordinary experience for our guests. We also know that happy employees will extend their attitude to our guests and to that end, we strive to maintain a pleasant and rewarding atmosphere.


Our age demographic is 25-65 years, with an income of $45,000 and up. The majority of our clientele live in a 3-5 person household and nearly 75% enjoy a disposable income to support a comfortable lifestyle with fine dining, entertainment and annual vacations.


Our business is based on a high volume of personal dining and attracts a substantial number of corporate clients. As an upscale restaurant serving a myriad of tastes, it is a special place to show a host’s appreciation. We value guest convenience and comfort over other volume oriented restaurants, and as such are pleased to accept reservations of any size.

High Cheque Average

As you explore employment opportunities in the hospitality business, one of the most important factors to consider is cheque average. We provide a consistent, high end product that typically results in an above average guest cheque of over $50 per person. Our clientele do not want mass produced mediocre fare; rather, they expect the best and will gladly compensate you for it. The Sawmill name alone represents an enjoyable experience, where up-selling is done with ease and is a matter of course.