Cold Lake

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I applied personally back in 2011 as I thought this could give me a break working in the kitchen.

I have been in this industry for 3 years 9 months as my first job was a teacher back in my original country.

What I love most while working are meeting and interacting with different nationalities, learning different things from them and l love being in the fast-paced environment.

My favorite dish at Sawmill is Philly Style Flatbread. I just love the mixture of peppercorn and cream cheese with bell peppers. And a great appetizer.

My personal hobbies are singing, badminton, volleyball and making handy craft things. My favorite Hockey Team is Vancouver Canucks since my husband is a big fan of this team and kinda liked when he started introducing this game.

My memorable moment was when I was working with Chef Ron and Chef Neil because they trained me so well in the kitchen.

The greatest accomplishment I have was when I had the opportunity working with different organizational charities back in the Philippines. I worked partly with different business sectors.

Well organized when it comes to work is be the idea that I implemented.

My greatest achievement is that I have been to different national conventions and had participated also in Journalism Competition. Meeting and working with great chefs in Sawmill.

My personal Mission Statement is to build my own business like a restaurant  in the near future.

The three character traits that my friends will describe me will be Hard worker, Trustworthy Person and easy to deal with.