Cold Lake

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My first job was working at my father company as a sales representative at the early age I know that I love working in the service industry.  I have been working for the last 23 years of my life and I still love it and still excited to work every day whether I am cleaning the table or washing dishes.

I like meeting people from different walks of life, every story interest me and keep me excited knowing their cultures and belief is one the best knowledge I learned every day.

I am not a meat lover but when I tried Sawmill Prime Rib I can’t stop eating it.

I am very simple person, one thing for sure I like to cook, for me cooking is my stress reliever and if the people love it that is a goal, I am spontaneous but I am also a planner.

While working in this industry, lots of memories have been come and go. But the memories that stayed with me are the staff, the guests, and the food that makes this experienced so uncanny.

The greatest accomplishment for me is always yet to come. I am still young and I think I am just starting my dreams here in Canada.

As a manager we always look for room for improvement of our operation. Rules and policies is there to help us to be on the right tract likewise, commonsense is also important in applying the handbook.

What I love the most is seeing our guests smile because that’s mean we do our job.

My mission statement is if you taking care of your employees then they will take care the rest.

Well, I asked most of my staff and some loyal guests about me they said First I have a  good sense of humor, is a euphemism for clown, Intelligent, well I cannot argue with that and lastly Innovative, just to let you know I didn’t pay them… yet..

Cold Lake

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When I was working at Mark’s Pub and eatery under Best Western and after a year, Mark and June, the owner, franchised Sawmill Prime Rib and Steakhouse, so then that was the start why I am here in this industry.

I have been working for 5 years already as a server, bartender, supervisor and became now a FOH Manager.

Meeting people with different cultures and beliefs and to encourage them to try our specialties are the things that I love most in this job.

My favorite dish on Sawmill Menu is the Rib Eye because I love the fats around the lean meat that makes more juicer and tasteful.

My favorite Hockey Team is the Edmonton Oilers. Eversince I really like this team especially this time McDavid will be playing with the Oilers. I love kayaking as my hobby.

Everytime I am working is a memorable moment for me. And every person/guest is influential as well. Everyday is a different encounter and experience. I treasure every moment while I’m working.

My greatest accomplishment is to be able to bought 2 houses and cars while working in this industry.

Organization of work and strategy, as well as table manners are the ideas I have implemented.

The thing that I truly proud of is to be able to give the best and friendly service.

My personal mission statement is to Aim high and hit the mark.

3 character traits that my friends will definitely describe me will be Responsible, Dependable and Organized.

Grande Prairie

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My wife and I started our career in hospitality some 30 years ago with the purchase of a small Fish and Chip restaurant in New Liskeard, Ontario called Acton’s Restaurant. Through the years we evolved to a fine dining restaurant and catering.

I also worked in the wood industry and that’s what ultimately what moved us to western Canada where I played a key role in the start up of an OSB mill in 100 Mile house BC. We spent a year there and then the company asked me to move to Grande Prairie in 1994. Getting back into the hospitality industry we operated a Country night club and lounge for 8 and a half years when we shut down for the construction of the now existing Grande Prairie Sawmill.

I most enjoy the people in our industry, both employees and of course the customers. I guess I have too many memorable customer satisfaction experiences to single one out.

I am a huge golf nut and love the Toronto Maple Leafs (not sure why!!! LOL)

My wife and I have raised 4 wonderful children and now have 8 grandchildren. I believe this to be our greatest achievement and accomplishing all our business success’s while doing so. I am most proud of being married for over 30 years and accomplishing all of this with my wife through all the ups and downs of this wonderful industry.


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I am from India, The Country of Spices.

Having more than 15 years of experience in the Kitchen, I started my career in Hotels at the Claridges in New Delhi, India. Afterwards I moved to Finland and worked almost a decade there in the Kitchen, having Specialization in Indian and Continental cuisine. After moving to Canada in 2013, I joined The Sawmill Restaurant Group. The Steak House is a prominent Brand name among the province of Alberta.

My favorite dish is the Prime rib, unbeatable taste if we compare to other restaurants.

For me Customer satisfaction is the most valuable, which helps me to always improve. My work is all about the taste, and every person has a unique sense of taste, so playing with ingredients and creating a blend of desired taste is my job.

In my leisure time I love to travel, explore new places, watch movies, cook traditional foods and learn new cooking techniques.

My personal motto in context of culinary arts is, “The sky is the limit and my goal is achieving perfection with my skills and sense of taste.”


Catering Services

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Stony Plain

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I have been working in the service industry for over 20 years in many positions starting as a server in our local home town bar; I was hooked on the industry right away. Being around people and interacting with them on a daily basis has always made me very happy and I love my job!

Outside of work I enjoy bike riding in the summer and skiing in the winter. My favourite hockey team is the Oiler’s of course!

My favourite Sawmill dish:

Black & Blue Caesar salad – It’s amazing 😉


Jay Nallusamy | Executive Chef

I have been working with Sawmill Restaurant Group since August, 2013 as an Executive Chef. I am originally from India, starting my career as a cook when I was 17. I finished Hotel Management in 2004 in India and was provided with seasonal and industrial training while studying. I started my career in culinary arts in the East world and now I am living in Canada.

I have been travelling the last 12 years in this industry. My favorite part of this industry is “Making people HAPPY AND SATISFIED when enjoying great and authentic some cuisine from all over the world.”

Filet mignon is one of the best steaks in the world. It’s a more favorable steak and my personal favorite.

My hobbies include playing cricket, listening music and dancing.

My greatest accomplishment was becoming an Executive Chef which was my dream when I started my career in food industries.

My personal mission statement is “Culinary art plays an important role for Scientist, Doctors and Chefs.  It is very essential for people to live in this world.”

Stony Plain

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Born in India, I started my career in the Hotel industry as a Trainee until I got the chance to work in Doha, Qatar as a Restaurant Captain in one of the best fine dining restaurants in the country. Reckoning, I was a Captain, Restaurant Trainer, Supervisor, Assistant Manager, Manager, Operations Manager and Area Manager. With my last assignment in Dubai, UAE, I handled the position of Area Manager, managing multiple brands. Before joining Sawmill, I have accumulated 17 +years of experience in the hospitality/ restaurant industry.

It is always my passion to be in this profession. I first took up Engineering but ended up in leaving the course as my heart was not into it, instead took a course in Hotel and Restaurant Management. To add value into my educational background, I have taken up a Degree in Commerce. I love meeting people from different walks of life, the feeling of being appreciated by your guests and managers are fulfilling and priceless. I worked with the toughest people in the Gulf, a Company demanding for skyrocketed sales which seems to be next to impossible to achieve. However, it did not discourage me. Instead, it has become a driving force to reach my target and deliver it beyond expectation.

I am a new manager to the Sawmill family. My favorite dish on the Sawmill Menu is any of our Steaks. I enjoy time with my family, friends, watching movies, news. I also love playing cricket.

Grande Prairie

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I started in this industry in 1999 after I graduated from the National Hotel Institute in Indonesia majoring Food Production Management. I opened my own restaurant with my cousin, but then got the urge to travel and see the world to get more experiences. In 2000 I joined with Princess Cruise Line as the third cook then to Royal Olympic and then Costa Italia Cruise Line as a Sous Chef C totaling around 7years.

Travelling is my hobby; I have been all around the world. I have so many friends from so many countries.

What I love about this industry is when I see so many kinds food and the way each Chef does it. It’s deferent in every culture and it’s really interesting. I love it.

I am at the Sawmill restaurant in Grande Prairie, it’s a nice place to work and the people I work with and the food are great, specially the Neptune dish, like that one. It’s an honor for me that I can join Sawmill. My greatest accomplishment is having the chance to be in the Executive Sous Chef position.

I am really proud of it even though I am always learning by doing my job and I will make sure that I can make things better for me, Sawmill and people around me  because I do understand the concept of responsibility.

Thankful for Sawmill, the people around me and God. 🙂

Grande Prairie

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I was born in the Philippines. I like fun all the time because it makes things easier.

I finished my degree at Cebu Technological University – Danao. I studied Bachelor of Sciences in Hotel, Restaurant Services and Tourism but my heart was dedicated to learn the cooking methods and techniques. My culinary journey started as an On-the-job trainee at Cebu Marriott Hotel.  I then worked at a few other restaurants in different countries before moving to Canada. I worked at the Italian Restaurant in Sherwood Park for 1 year. And finally, I joined the Sawmill Restaurant Group in December 2011.

M energy and enthusiasm is contagious that it has inspired my peers. I have taught them that good food must be made with a good heart. I believe that by listening to concerns and suggestions from costumers, the restaurant will earn more success because two heads are better than one.

My favorite meal in our company is the Undecided, composed of perfectly seasoned 10 oz rib eye, medium rare with a half rack smoked baby back ribs and a side of garlic tiger shrimp with our seasonal vegetable and a side of our very own Sawmill Sesame Steak Sauce. Behind the success I have today, I am very grateful to God and to the people who helped me become a competitive chef in this generation.