Sara Sunderland | Restaurant Supervisor

My story is similar to many others in that, I started in the service industry when I was putting myself through University. I was fortunate enough to get a job as a lounge server at The Moose Factory even tho I had never served before! I stayed with the company for 2 years until we relocated to the Lloydminster area.

Joining the Lloyd team when they opened in 2015 was a welcome change from being a teacher and stay at home mom of 4, but both those professions, along with my dedication and cheerfulness, have enabled me to be a better server and supervisor.

I have many favorite menu items from crab cakes, to sirloin steaks to our homemade bread pudding, but my all time favorite item is our Sawmill Steak Sauce!!

I am thankful for this opportunity and look forward to continuing my journey with the Sawmill family.

Sherwood Park

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Grew up in a small oil and gas community in Saskatchewan, TJ moved to Alberta to pursue a degree from Northern Alberta Institute of Technology (NAIT) in Culinary Arts. Looking to gain more diverse experience in the hospitality industry, TJ landed a job at Sawmill Sherwood Park as a line cook. With dedication, attention to detail and the constant pursuit of knowledge, Tj worked his way up through the kitchen and became Executive Sous Chef in no time. Once the General Manager position became available, TJ was the obvious choice. Every individual that meets TJ has a great respect for him and his strive to ensure that guests receive the best possible experience and are excited to return.

Sherwood Park

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After working only a day at her first restaurant, Miriam knew that she was made for this industry. She has worked her way through every front of house position until joining us at the Sawmill Sherwood Park as the Dining Room Leader. Miriam thinks that being able to meet, work with and serve all kinds of different people is the most rewarding aspect of her job. As she constantly strives for perfection, Miriam does everything she can to guarantee that every guest leaves smiling.

Sherwood Park

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For the past 14 years, Cindy has dedicated her life to the Sawmill Prime Rib & Steakhouse. She has stayed in this industry for 19 years because of her regulars, who have even followed her as she’s transitioned from Sawmill Gateway, Moose Factory and finally found her home with us in Sherwood Park. Cindy was nominated for the Your Welcome Awards as 2013’s Best Server which is hosted by the Hospitality & Tourism division of Alberta.

A mother of a six year old celiac means that Cindy always goes the extra mile to ensure that our guests are safe when dining with us. As the Lounge Leader, Cindy goes out of her way to get to know each and every guest that walks through the doors, personally, and to ensure that they have the greatest dining experience we can offer.

Sherwood Park

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As the owner of multiple, overflowing closets, Baylee is easily the best dressed at the Sawmill Sherwood Park. With her previous experience as a server, Baylee is extremely knowledgeable about our guests, our food, and the service that our regulars boast about. These attributes made her the perfect candidate to become the Reservation Coordinator when the position became available. She has a passion for helping guests celebrate their monumental life events and providing an exceptional experience for group parties hosted with us.

Stony Plain

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I am a simple and god fearing person from the Philippines. I started working at the age of 20 and was married at 21. I am the proud mother of 2 teenage daughters. I started off working in the electronics industry then became a government employee.   I later moved into the food industry and started taking culinary courses where I earned my certificate of completion in culinary.

In February 2009 I started my journey to Canada.  I started working at Cantafio’s Steakhouse & bar as a food and beverage server, after a few months of that I joined the BOH staff as a line cook.   The manager saw potential in me for the kitchen and after 2 years was able to renew my contract as a line cook rather than a server.  Plans were made to bring my family here to Stony Plain.

In May 2012 the restaurant sold and I stayed with the restaurant and began yet another chapter of her life with The Sawmill.  I have worked hard over the past 3 years here earning my way up to Executive Sous Chef.

My favorite Sawmill dish is the Salmon and Beet salad, I love the freshness of it plus the homemade honey balsamic dressing is the best.

Faye (as the staff call me) loves overseeing the brunch set up and training new staff.  I love interacting with new people and getting to know them.

My father is a influential person in my life, he gives me strength and moral support.

Stony Plain

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I came to Canada in 2009 in search for a greener pasture to give my family a better life. I am married and have a child. I found success by working in the restaurant industry as a cook.

I joined the Sawmill Restaurant Group in August of 2012, trained and started working as a line cook in our Capilano location. After a few months I joined the team that pioneered and opened the Sawmill Stony Plain location in 2012. After a year of hard work and commitment, I was promoted to Executive Sous Chef. On top of my skills as a cook, I studied and was taught to do the task of BOH Manager. For almost 2 years I managed BOH, and just recently I was promoted to Executive Chef at Stony Plain Sawmill. My favorite Sawmill menu item is the Chicken Neptune.

Cold Lake

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I started in this industry when I was working at Mark’s Pub and then the same owner franchised Sawmill Prime Rib and Steakhouse. I have been working for 7 years as a expo/host, dining room server and a bartender.

The thing that I love most while working is to meet different people and making guest/customer happy about the food and drinks

My favorite dish on the Sawmill Menu is Beef Dip Philly Style with swiss cheese ranch dressing.

My hobbies are fishing, Biking and basketball. My favorite Hockey team is Chicago Blackhawks where Patrick Kane is.

My memorable moment was serving the band “Counting Crows” while they were eating and drinking they were rehearsing some of their songs in front of me.

My greatest achievement was when I finished my College Degree.

My Personal mission statement is to live life with integrity and empathy and be a positive force in the lives of others.

The three character traits that my friends will use to describe me most will be Friendly, Dependable/Trusthworthy and Honest.

Cold Lake

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I applied personally back in 2011 as I thought this could give me a break working in the kitchen.

I have been in this industry for 3 years 9 months as my first job was a teacher back in my original country.

What I love most while working are meeting and interacting with different nationalities, learning different things from them and l love being in the fast-paced environment.

My favorite dish at Sawmill is Philly Style Flatbread. I just love the mixture of peppercorn and cream cheese with bell peppers. And a great appetizer.

My personal hobbies are singing, badminton, volleyball and making handy craft things. My favorite Hockey Team is Vancouver Canucks since my husband is a big fan of this team and kinda liked when he started introducing this game.

My memorable moment was when I was working with Chef Ron and Chef Neil because they trained me so well in the kitchen.

The greatest accomplishment I have was when I had the opportunity working with different organizational charities back in the Philippines. I worked partly with different business sectors.

Well organized when it comes to work is be the idea that I implemented.

My greatest achievement is that I have been to different national conventions and had participated also in Journalism Competition. Meeting and working with great chefs in Sawmill.

My personal Mission Statement is to build my own business like a restaurant  in the near future.

The three character traits that my friends will describe me will be Hard worker, Trustworthy Person and easy to deal with.

Cold Lake

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It has been my passion to work in the food industry. I started by taking Hotel and Restaurant Management Course. I have been working for 9 years already.

The thing that I love most while working is making and see the customers smile during and after the service I gave.

My favorite dish in Sawmill is the famous Prim Rib because it is very tasty and tender and very juice as well.

My ultimate hobby is cooking because I am addicted to eating.

The most memorable moment was when the customer gave me a gift certificate from Sawmill way back in 2011. I made their sandwiches everyday basis during that time.

My greatest accomplishment is when you see a customer leaving the restaurant with a big smile.

My greatest achievement was when I decided to leave my country and tried to find my spot in the restaurant industry. I found it without asking somebody’s help.

My personal mission everyday as a server is to put smile in every customer and make them go back

Funny, caring and loyal will be the 3 character traits that my friends will describe me best.