Grande Prairie

Grande Prairie Image 2

I started in this industry in 1999 after I graduated from the National Hotel Institute in Indonesia majoring Food Production Management. I opened my own restaurant with my cousin, but then got the urge to travel and see the world to get more experiences. In 2000 I joined with Princess Cruise Line as the third cook then to Royal Olympic and then Costa Italia Cruise Line as a Sous Chef C totaling around 7years.

Travelling is my hobby; I have been all around the world. I have so many friends from so many countries.

What I love about this industry is when I see so many kinds food and the way each Chef does it. It’s deferent in every culture and it’s really interesting. I love it.

I am at the Sawmill restaurant in Grande Prairie, it’s a nice place to work and the people I work with and the food are great, specially the Neptune dish, like that one. It’s an honor for me that I can join Sawmill. My greatest accomplishment is having the chance to be in the Executive Sous Chef position.

I am really proud of it even though I am always learning by doing my job and I will make sure that I can make things better for me, Sawmill and people around me  because I do understand the concept of responsibility.

Thankful for Sawmill, the people around me and God. 🙂